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Oh to be a Cat! Buket Uzuner

Oh to be a Cat!

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Oh to be a Cat!
Oh to be a Cat!
Everest Yayınları

“I always wanted to have a cat. A cat living with us at home, falling asleep in my bed hugging me, purring in my lap, protecting our home from dragons and bad people when we were out, greeting us gleefully at the door when we came back, climbing up to the highest shelves in the house like a flying hero, spinning a huge spider web to carry me over the deserts, mountains and forests, a cat runningand playing in our hallway!”

Little Jon's biggest dream was not just to have a cat. Jon actually wanted to be able to sleep soundly every morning like a cat rather than having to set off on the school bus at the crack of dawn. What would life be like if instead of being a child he actually turned into a kitten, free to play for hours without having to do any homework, or go to bed early to get up in the darkness of the morning, or eat foodhe didn't like? Haven't all of us - at least once - looked ata cat and yearned to be one?

So kids, come and join in the adventure of a childwho wants to be a kitten!