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Security In Contemporary World %20 indirimli Sibel Turan

Security In Contemporary WorldTheories and Issues

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Security In Contemporary World
Security In Contemporary World Theories and Issues
Siyasal Kitabevi

Sibel TURAN is Professor of International Relations at Trakya University and Head of Department of International Relations.

Latif PINAR is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Karabük University and Head of The Division of International Politics.

Security, one of the most important concepts of international relations literature, has under-gone a major transformation due to international security problems that have emerged in the historical process. This situation necessitated the examination of the concept of security in the field of international relations within the framework of international relations theories. This book aims to analyze various security issues experienced in today’s world by capitalizing the-oretical approaches within international relations discipline. In this book; certain international issues are discussed which influence the process of international policy.