About Us

Siyasal Publication has started its publishing life with a team of authors within Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Law; Hacettepe University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Letters. It was established by Ünal Sevindik in 1985 and has formed its publication list of academic books in the field of social sciences. Its most important ambition is to bring academic studies that are being made in Turkey together with students and academicians. On the other hand, it publishes translated works as source books to be used in universities. Siyasal Publication, who has published around 800 books and is an international publishing house, is taking justified pride of overspecializing in academic publishing. With a successful distrubition network and its website, Siyasal Publication is with our readers every step of the way.

Phoenix Publication started its journey with the buil-ups of Siyasal in 2001. Why Phoenix Publication? Because with Phoenix, we wanted to combine academic works and cultural works. From literature to history, sociology, philosophy, political sciences, archeology and economics, Phoenix Publication has helped many publications, theoretical and practical, to come into view. In this way we managed to unite academic publications with general readers as well as universities. Phoenix Publication has helped many works of important authors such as Giddens, Michael Mann, Rawls, Marshall Hudgson, Callinicos, Castels, Skinner, Ed Mcbain, Connell and many more to be introduced into Turkish. It is working with leading publishers including Taylor&Francis, Routledge, Oxford University, Harvard University, Wiley, Polity, Sage and it is requesting copyrights of important academic publications. Our Publication is among univsersity catalogues in Turkey and world wide known universities such as Harvard University Library, Cambridge University Library, British Library, New York University Library, Chicago University Library. Our Publication also issue the Strata Relational Social Sciences Journal.

We are striving in Ankara for knowledge to be produced, carried among peers, discussed, transfered to the predecessors and to be accumulated. We deeply thank our ever growing family of writers, translators and readers…