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As the Red Carnation Fades Feyza Hepçilingirler

As the Red Carnation Fades

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As the Red Carnation Fades
As the Red Carnation Fades

I believe that what I'm doing is right. Let people think whatever they want. What if I'd given myself over to the life of a housewife? Hadn't I worked for years and endured countless challenges to secure a place for myself and be independent? And just when I achieved all that, what was I supposed to do? surrender?

In the aftermath of Turkey's 1980 military coup, Sibel, a lecturer in the Aegean city of Izmir, finds herself caught in a web of intrigues and interrogations. deemed "objectionable" for supposedly harboring leftist sympathies, Sibel is reassigned to a university on the far- flung Black Sea coast, and she takes up the post, leaving Izmir and her family behind. This bold move will lead her to another, even braver decision...

Written by award- winning author Feyza Hepçilingirler, As the red Carnation Fades tells the story of Sibel's struggle to come to terms with herself as a wife, mother and teacher. The novel seamlessly interweaves stream of consciousness, childhood memories and dark comedy as it depicts the byzantine machinations of martial law and the conflicted internal journey of a woman who finds her strength as she takes the path of resitance and independence.