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Making Great Furniture Kolektif

Making Great Furniture25 Inspiring Projects from Top Makers

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Making Great Furniture
Making Great Furniture 25 Inspiring Projects from Top Makers
Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

This beautifully presented new collection from "Furniture and Cabinetmaking" magazine features 24 original projects, conceived and presented by some of the most respected carpenters in the industry. Organised into four sections, the book represents each of the major styles of furniture design: classical, arts and crafts, rustic/country style, and contemporary, making it an invaluable source book for the amateur furniture maker who is eager to expand their knowledge and try new ideas. It contains 24 projects accessible for beginner level whilst incorporating some more advanced pieces for inspirational appeal and a diverse range of projects which are practical as well as beautiful, ranging from breakfront cabinets to blanket chests. A great introduction for beginners to the four major styles of furniture design, helping them to identify and broaden their own tastes, this book is fully illustrated in colour with 24 of Ian Hall's cutaway airbrushed artwork, 200 colour photographs and instructions.