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Let's Cope With Listening %30 indirimli Deniz Göktepe Salttürk

New Let's Cope ListeningCd Ekli

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New Let's Cope Listening
New Let's Cope Listening Cd Ekli
Carmine Publishing

Deniz Göktepe Salttürk, graduated from the American Collegiate Institute for Girls, (ACI) İzmir, with an International Baccalaureate (IB), received her BA and MA degrees in Linguistics from Hacettepe University and was avvarded the Diploma for Overseas Teachers of English (DOTE) by the University of Cambridge. She vvorked as an ELT instructor at Özel Seymen Lisesi, Kocaeli, Özel Büyük Lise, Ankara, Bilkent University, School of English Language, (BUSEL), Ankara, and Middle East Technical University, Department of Basic English (DBE), Ankara Deniz Göktepe Salttürk studied classical music and has played the piano since her childhood. She has given recitals in Ankara and İzmir. She is currently the director and an ELT instructor at Let's Cope English Center, Bilkent, Ankara.