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Pigs Might Fly (Mudpuddle Farm) Michael Morpurgo

Pigs Might Fly (Mudpuddle Farm)

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Pigs Might Fly (Mudpuddle Farm)
Pigs Might Fly (Mudpuddle Farm)

A charming series of adventures for younger readers, featuring a family of all sorts of animals that live in the farmyard behind the tumble-down barn on Mudpuddle Farm...

Two fantastic stories in one volume!

Jigger's Day Off:
"Time has come for harvest, Jigger. So I shan't be needing you all day. It's your day off, my dear."

Jigger the sheepdog has just one day off a year. Just one day to chase all those little animals hiding in the corn. But even the best plans go wrong...

And Pig's Might Fly!:
"Flying was not nearly as easy as it looked. Pintsize stood up on his back trotters and flapped his front ones - trotters, he thought, would do just as well as wings."

It's a long hot summer, and Pintsize the piglet wonders if it might be cooler in the sky. But when he tries to fly, he annoys just about everyone. It's time he learned his lesson...