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SAT Prep 2021 Kolektif

SAT Prep 2021

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SAT Prep 2021
SAT Prep 2021
Random House

With 5 full-length practice tests, in-depth reviews for all exam content, and strategies for scoring success, SAT Prep, 2021 covers every facet of this challenging and important test. Techniques That Actually Work.

- Powerful tactics to help you avoid traps and beat the SAT
- Pacing tips to help you maximize your time
- Detailed examples of how to employ each strategy to your advantage

Everything You Need to Know to Help Achieve a High Score.

- Comprehensive subject review for every section of the exam
- Valuable practice with complex reading comprehension passages and higher-level math problems
- Hands-on experience with all question types, including multi-step problems, passage-based grammar questions, and more Practice Your

Way to Excellence.

- 5 full-length practice tests (4 in the book & 1 online) with detailed answer explanations
- Drills for each test section--Reading, Writing and Language, and Math--plus writing exercises to help prepare for the essay
- In-depth online score reports for all practice tests to help analyze your performance and track your progress