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Sinan - The Architect and His Works Reha Günay

Sinan - The Architect and His Works

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Sinan - The Architect and His Works
Sinan - The Architect and His Works
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“In his book ‘Sinan The Architect and His Works' Reha Günay modestly makes no claim to interpret the work, but presents his data with useful comments in a way that encourages his readers to consider their own interpretations. The profusely illustrated book is a model of clarity. He provides a chronological table in which he juxtaposes the architecture of Sinan's lifespan with that of Europe and Asia; a map of Istanbul showing Sinan's buildings and the principal structures from previous and later eras; a page of comparative plans all to the same scale; and other valuable data. In the core of the book he decribes seven külliyes, nineteen mosques and a fair number of medreses, tombs, hamams, bridges, etc. He subdivides the mosques into square-based, single-domed; square-based, semi-domed; hexagonal-domed; octagonal-domed, and multi-based, multi-domed types.

All are arranged to the same format, with plans as well as his own superb colour photographs, including aerial pictures of the külliyes and inspiring dome interiors. A chapter on the evolution of interior space is accompanied by a double page spread with comparative views looking up into sixteen domes.”