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The Awakening
The Awakening Play Series
Arion Yayınevi

Ayla is twenty eight. She has lived half of her life as an outsider, grieving and blaming herself for a tragic accident. When she was fourteen, she fell out of a boat into the sea and her father lost his life trying to save her. She has borne this heavy burden of guilt for half her life and has never been free from the effects of this trauma… right until she starts working at the surgery and gets to know the people there!

From this point onwards, against the backdrop of her dulled sensibility to the world around her, an Awakening begins in Ayla's life: finally she starts to open her eyes and is able to put what she has lived through into better perspective. Of course, the friends that she makes in her new job play a large part in this. And, like it or not, the change that Ayla goes through will also be an Awakening for her mother, the person she is closest to and the only other person who was directly affected by the accident…